About trips and booking


Booking request
Select your program and date. For individual bookings you can send your booking requests via e-mail or call us to finalise them.
In the season from the 15th of November until the 15th of May our office is staffed daily. In the off-season (remaining period) from Monday to Friday except holidays - from 8:00-18:00. Depending on the individual request, the processing of your request will take 1-2 days. However, we will try to send you a detailed offer as soon as possible.
Booking confirmation
If our offer appeals to you and you would like to book it, we will proceed as follows: You will receive a booking form or registration form from us, which you fill out and sign and return to us. Upon receipt of your form, we will send you a booking confirmation and all necessary information. With the receipt of the mandatory deposit, the trip is safely booked for you.
Travel Insurance
We recommend that you conclude a travel cancellation, trip interruption and baggage insurance. Some credit cards include travel cancellation insurance. You are welcome to pay for the trip by credit card, so that you are immediately insured.

Travel Insurance

Cancellation fees during a booking emerge due to reservation fees, booking fees and others. The fee rises, the closer the event gets. Therefore, we recommend
purchasing a cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance and baggage insurance. Depending on the credit card, a travel insurance
is included. Payments with credit card are accepted, which ensures you an insurance at the same time.

In addition, we recommend purchasing a travel health insurance
that covers the cost of an emergency health evacuation. If you suffer an injury and need to be flown into a hospital or to other places, the
costs of the flight will be billed to your account.
For guests from Germany we recommend for example: Europäische Reiseversicherung

Should the flight operation fail due to reasons such as wind, bad weather, avalanche danger or technical problems and therefore, the guaranteed flight services can’t be delivered, the travel participant is entitled to a refund of the unused flight services equal to the value of the applicable conditions. The conditions for the amount of the refund (per flight, unused altitude meter or flight hours) can be found in the travel description of your booking. There is no refund due to illness, accident, lack of fitness, insufficient skiing skills, late arrival and breaks during the ski day. Unless Heli-Guides receive a communication otherwise, we will issue the customer a voucher for the amount of the credit, which the customer can use in subsequent years. At the explicit request and after notification of the customer’s bank details, the credit is alternatively refunded. Further refunds are excluded. Booked mountain guide services are detached from the flight services and non-refundable.
(1) The travel participant may withdraw at any time prior to the start of the tours, course, guided tour or travel. The withdrawal or amendment must be communicated in writing. In the event of withdrawal, Heli-Guides may invoice a percentage compensation (listed below) based on the total price in place of the actual cancellation compensation. If Heli-Guides is partially or completely exempted from third party claims (e.g. hotels, international agency costs, ski passes, airline tickets or the like), then this amount will be deducted from the travel price on which the compensation for Heli-Guides is calculated. (2) In case of customer withdrawal up to 120 days before the start of the event, 10% of the advertised price will be charged as a cancellation and handling fee. In the event of a later withdrawal, the following compensations will be due: - 30% of the travel price up to 60 days before departure; - 50% of the travel price up to 45 days before departure; - 75% of the travel price up to 15 days before departure; - 100% of the travel price from the 14th day before departure. The effective date is the date of receipt of the written cancellation. (3) If the destination is affected by a pandemic (e.g. COVID-19) at the time of departure and governments in the country of departure or destination impose a travel ban or travel warning, both parties may initiate a cancellation with a full refund of the travel price. If no deadlines for the travel restrictions are known, cancellation is possible earliest 14 days before the start of the trip. (4) Until the start of the trip, the customer may ask for another person to take part in his/her place if they meet the travel requirements and do not conflict with legal regulations or orders. The substitute shall be prepared to take over the travel arrangement under the agreed upon conditions. The substitute and the travel participant are jointly liable for the payment of the travel price, as well as for any additional costs arising from the substitution. (5) If a travel participant ends the trip earlier, no refund will be made for non-used services. The additional flight and travel costs shall be carried by the other travelers or participants. (6) If Heli-Guides arranges a package holiday, a charter or a scheduled flight, the cancellation fees of the respective tour operator and airline must be applied with the addition of a handling fee, which Heli-Guides shall of course make available to you on request. The claim for indemnity may be up to 100% of the flight costs. Flight bookings made by the travel participant independently are not the responsibility of the tour operator.
If a travel participant terminates the trip early or prematurely, there will be no refund for services not received. The additional flight and travel costs will be borne by the traveler or participant.
If Heli Guides AG arranges a package tour, charter or scheduled flight at package prices, special tariffs or special conditions, the cancellation fee rates of the respective tour operator and airline plus a processing fee must be applied, which we will of course be happy to make available to you on request. The expenditure claim can be up to 100% of the flight costs.
(1) Wird die Durchführung einer Reise/Veranstaltung/Arrangement durch den Veranstalter auch sehr kurzfristig vor Abreise aufgrund von z. B. schlechter Verhältnisse, Krieg, Unruhen, Epidemien, Flugprobleme, Streik, hoheitliche Anordnungen, Sicherheitsgründen jeglicher Art etc. abgesagt oder nicht durchgeführt, hat der Teilnehmer Anspruch auf Rückerstattung des bezahlten Betrages. Sollten diese Änderungen vor Abreise eintreten, behalten wir uns das Recht vor, allfällige Mehrkosten Ihnen zu belasten wie zum Beispiel abgeschlossene Versicherungen, Visakosten etc. weitergehende Forderungen sind ausgeschlossen. Im Falle eines Rücktritts durch den Veranstalter gelten die Bedingungen der Fluggesellschaft und es werden keine Entschädigungen für gebuchte Flüge gewährt. (2) Sollte die Mindest- Teilnehmerzahl pro Tour / Reiseveranstaltung nicht erreicht werden, ist der Veranstalter berechtigt, die Reise bis spätestens 10 Tage vor Reisebeginn zu annullieren. Dies kann telefonisch, schriftlich oder mündlich erfolgen und gilt insbesondere für sogenannte OPEN GROUP Buchungen. Der eventuell einbezahlte Betrag wird in voller Höhe und unverzüglich zurückerstattet. Weitergehende Forderungen sind ausgeschlossen. Wenn wir von unserem Rücktrittsrecht Gebrauch machen, Sie jedoch die Durchführung der Tour, Führung oder Reise wünschen, so stellt dies ein neues Angebot dar und Sie erhalten von uns den neu errechneten Preis. Sind Sie mit dem neuen Angebot einverstanden, so kommt ein neuer Vertrag zustande, auf dessen Basis die Tour, der Kurs, die Führung oder Reise durchgeführt wird.