Informations about Heli-Skiing Requirements

Certain skills are required to participate in the offered tours. Please consider that each trip requires different ski skill, which are explain in our detail information under the point requirements. For private groups we can considerate individually to the group, ski- and snowboard level of the group.

How well should you be able to ski or snowboard?
This is the recurrent question. Many ski and snowboarder are unsure if they are good enough ski and snowboarder, and if they meet the requirements.
Surely, you should be a good ski and snowboard on the slopes and having some experience off-piste. However, for sure you didn´t have to be a ski pro to enjoy your Heliski Experience.
Thanks to today’s ski technique wider and easier skis to ski and the versatile and gently terrain it open to a bigger group of ski and snowboarders the possibility of Heliski.

Our Advantage
As we work with small groups 4 people, it is of course mostly ideal if friends form a homogeneous group. We also offer special programs like “My first heliski day” for first timers and beginners.

If you still are not sure
If you still are not sure, we recommend that you book before your heliski experience a Freeride-day. Here our guide can test your ski and snowboard level and provide and advices you with recommendations.You are welcome to contact us personally for any other questions.