Base elevation: 1550m
Highest point: 3160m

Longest run: 1100vm
Piste km: 60km

Season: Dec. – May
Terrain: Alpine, Forest

Group size Heliski: 4 pat.
Group size Freeride: 4 pat.

International Airport:
Milano MXP, Bergamo BGY


Madesimo is located on the Italian-Swiss border near the Splügen Pass in Lombardy. The plenty heliski possibilities around the village are varied and offer a seemingly unlimited choice of runs. The location of Madesimo at the weather devide between northern and southern Alps usually gives us perfect conditions. On bad weather days, we use the small but fine ski area with many freeride possibilities. Food and wine from Lombardy complete the fantastic days in Madesimo.








Frequently Asked Questions

What's special about Heliskiing in Madesimo?

That is why you should travel to Madesimo

Another heliski paradise in the Alps! Especially thanks to the short journey for guests from Europe – in particular from Switzerland, Italy, Austria or Germany – the adventure around a heliskiing trip in Madesimo is even more interesting. Due to this advantage, heliskiing and freeriding in Europe, especially in the Alps, is significantly cheaper than complex trips with long-distance flights to a distant destination. Madesimo has perfect snow conditions  – there is no need to hide behind spots in Canada. The location of the area at the weather devide between northern and southern Alps ensures nice skiing and freeriding conditions. Wines and food from the Lombardy complete your skiing days in Madesimo in a culinary way.

What requirements does Heliskiing have?

Trust your Skills

To participate in our skiing and heliskiing trips, you should bring some preconditions regarding the skiing skills. Many skiers and snowboarders are insecure, weather they are good enough to fulfill the requirements. Surely you should bring some experience in skiing or snowboarding to do heliskiing, but you do not need to be a pro to enjoy a nice heliski adventure. Thanks to today’s ski-technique with the wider and lighter ski and thanks to the varied, versatile and gently terrain, there a plenty of possibilities to heliski. You should consider that each trip individually places both physical and technical demands on the participants. You will find detailed information on this issue in the respective PDF of each event.

Your find more information to the topic –Requirements for heliskiing- here: Requirements for Heliskiing and Heli Boardingbei Heliski

Why should I book with Heliguides?

Good reasons for Heli Guides

We are specialized in heliskiing, trust on our own helicopters, own guides and are familiar with the region. Therefore, we offer a maximum level of flexibility and individuality. Our destinations in the Alps are easy to reach and offer plenty of powder fun for individual travelers or small groups, an incredible variety of areas, unique accommodation and culinary highlights.

When is the best travel time for Heliskiing in Madesimo?

Thanks to the weather devide between northern and southern Alps, Madesimo has good snow conditions already early in the year. The valley gets snow from the south and the north, which ensures excellent ski conditions. From December to end of May you will encounter the desired powder snow. On good snow and firn conditions we can ski until May.

How safe is Heliskiing?

Safety first

The health and well-being of our customers has the utmost importance during our heliskiing and skiing trips. Our pilots have many years of experience. Your trip will always be accompanied and lead by a proved mountain guide or aspirant guide. Weather and snow conditions are permanently observed and analyzed. You will benefit from our know-how, our knowledge about the area and from a maximum of individuality and flexibility. Experienced, certified mountain and skiing IFMGA guides and aspirants choose the best descents – due to snow conditions and your skills. Our primary goal is your safety and maximum enjoyment.