Base elevation: 1820m
Highest point: 3133m

Longest run: 1200vm
Piste km: 120 km

Season: Dec. – May
Terrain: Alpine, Forest

Group size Heliski: 4 pat.

International Airport:
Milano MXP, Innsbruck INN, Bergamo BGY

Starting up to heli skiing livigno lombardia

Livigno is located in the province of Sondrio/Lombardia, close to the Italian-Swiss border southeast of St. Moritz. The remote location is not only the reason for its duty-free status but is also a guarantee of intensive snowfalls. Fantastic ski days are promised, with a wide variety of slopes offering differing steepness and exposures. With its traditional Italian cuisine and the wines from Valtellin, Livigno offers a unique ski and heliski adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions about heli skiing livigno lombardia

What's special about Helicopter ski in Livigno?

Livigno, the duty free region southeastern from St. Moritz, is popular and well known by freeriders already for many years due to guaranteed and intensive snowfalls and its variety. Being located close to Austria and Germany and having plenty of possibilities for landing and descending in each exposures and slopes on disposal, it is a ideal weekend destination. The alternatives bad days to freeride are varied – thanks to the ski resorts Motolino and Carosello in Livigno. A skiing day can end in Livigno with culinary highlights and wines from Lombardy and Italy.

Whats included when visiting livigno for a day of helicopter flight and skiing?

A day in Livigno

In cooperation with the municipality and our helicopter partner Elitellina we offer this destination. The area around Pizzo Paradisino. In the Italian Alpine idyll, on the border to Switzerland, the Motolino and Carosello ski areas can also be used for skiing on bad weather days. Ideally, you start in a group of four for heli skiing livigno lombardia. From 8.30 am meeting with ski guide, presentation of the daily program and the material check will take place. Then it goes with up in the air for one or more helicopter flights. Depending on the snow, avalanche and weather conditions, our guides will choose the Runs / Landing sites near Pizzo Paradisino.

When is the best travel time?

The best time to visit

Thanks to the altitude of the areas in Livigno there is a high chance for snowfalls. Snow gets to Livigno on a regular basis through the north and the south. From December to mid-March you will often encounter the desired powder snow. Until beginning of May we can ski in Livigno often with ideal conditions of firn.