Base elevation: 350m
Highest point: 4750m

Longest run: 2500vm
Area: 10000 sq. km

Season: March. – May
Terrain: Glacier, Alpine, Forest

Group size Heliski: 4 pat.
Group size Freeride: -

International Airport:
Petropavlovsk PLC


Kamchatka, the mystical peninsula, is located 2500km northeast of Japan in the far east of Russia just on the Bering Strait (North Pacific). Our base, the hotel Antarius ***, is situated in the Paratunka valley (the Valley of Hot Springs). The helicopter pick-up is close to the hotel. Skiing in Kamchatka means wild, unique and untouched nature in one of the largest heliski areas in the world.


Week trips Kamchatka

Week trips Kamchatka



Frequently Asked Questions

Heliskiing Kamchatka, Russia - What is special about the trip?

Kamchatka is a must-see for every heliskier. The mystical peninsula, located in the far east of Siberia, is one of the most beautiful and surely the biggest heliski area in the world. With its 370.000, it is the biggest peninsula of Eastern Asia. Kamchatka is located between the Sea of Okhotsk in the east and the Bering Strait in the west. The region stands for wild, unique and untouched nature. The descents on partly glaciated and active volcanos with up to 2000vm are extraordinary – spots, you will only get to see in Kamchatka.

What requirements does Heliskiing have? How skilled should I be at skiing or snowboarding?

Trust your skills

To participate in our skiing and heliskiing trips, you should bring some preconditions regarding the skiing skills. Many skiers and snowboarders are insecure, weather they are good enough to fulfill the requirements. Surely you should bring some experience in skiing or snowboarding to do heliskiing, but you do not need to be a pro to enjoy a nice heliski adventure. Thanks to today’s ski-technique with the wider and lighter ski and thanks to the varied, versatile and gently terrain, there a plenty of possibilities to heliski. You should consider that each trip individually places both physical and technical demands on the participants. You will find detailed information on this issue in the respective PDF of each event.

Your find more information to the topic –Requirements for heliskiing- here: Requirements for Heliskiing and Heli Boarding

Why should I book with Heliguides?

Why should you book with Heli-Guides?

We are specialized in heliskiing, trust on good partners and guides that are familiar with the region. Therefore, we offer a maximum level of flexibility and individuality. Our destinations around the world are specifically selected and offer plenty of powder fun for individual travelers or small groups, an incredible variety of areas and unique accommodation.

When is the best travel time for Heliskiing in Russia?

Good time to travel

The best time to travel to go on a heliski trip to Kamchatka ist from end of March to beginning of May. Moreover, Kamchatka is thanks to its location between the Sea of Okhotsk in the east and the Bering Strait in the west one of the regions with the highest precipitation.

How safe is Heliskiing?

Safety first

The health and well-being of our customers has the utmost importance during our heliskiing and skiing trips. Our partners have many years of experience. Weather and snow conditions are permanently observed and analyzed. You will benefit from our know-how, our knowledge about the area and from a maximum of individuality and flexibility. Experienced guides choose the best descents – due to snow conditions and your skills.