We strongly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance. Once a booking is made significant expenses and long term commitments are incurred on your behalf. For this reason we are not prepared to offer refunds if you are later forced to cancel. Please see our General Terms and Condtions.

In addition, we recommend buying medical evacuation insurance. If you are injured while skiing and need to be flown to the hospital or back to the area, the cost of the flight will be billed to your account.

For both your protection and ours, we strongly recommend that you to book cancellation and evacuation insurance.

For guests from Germany we recommend for example

Europäische Reiseversicherung


Client-side withdrawal:
Clients may cancel their participation in tours, trips, etc. at any time before departure. In your own interest and for verification purposes the cancelation should be made in writing. The cancelation becomes valid on the day of arrival at the HELI-GUIDES AG. In case of a client-side withdrawal, the HELI-GUIDES AG can charge the percentile compensation referred to in 10.1, based on the travel price, instead of calculating the precise withdrawal compensation. If the HELI-GUIDES AG is relieved from claims by third parties in whole or in part (credits for unused hotel facilities, commissions for agency services, ski passes, flight tickets etc.), this amount shall be deducted from the travel price upon which the compensation is based.

For events in the Alpine region the following compensations apply:
In case of a client-side withdrawal up to 60 days prior to departure we charge 10% of the travel price as cancelation and service fee. For cancelations at a later point in time we charge the following compensations:

- up to 40 days prior to departure: 30% (of the travel price)
- up to 30 days prior to departure: 50% (of the travel price)
- up to 8 days prior to departure: 75% (of the travel price)
- from the 7th day prior to departure: 100% (of the travel price)

Curtailment of travel and return trip:
If a participant prematurely interrupts the trip, there will be no reimbursement for services not received. Additional travel costs shall be borne by the participant.

If the HELI-GUIDES AG has arranged an all expense tour, a charter or scheduled flight at a lump sum, special rate or special conditions, we also have to charge the cancelation fees of the respective tour operator and airline plus a handling fee, which we will make available for clients on request. The claims for compensation of costs may amount to 100% of the flight costs.

Cancelation of the contract by the HELI-GUIDES AG:
If a trip/event/activity is cancelled by the organizer – even on short notice- due to force majeure, as war, unrest, epidemics, flight cancelations, strikes, sovereign regulations, natural disasters or legitimate reasons of security of any kind, the participant is eligible for a reimbursement of the amount already paid by him/her. If these circumstances occur before the departure, we reserve the right to charge the participant potential additional costs, for instance insurances concluded, visa fees, etc. Further claims are excluded. In case of a withdrawal of the organizer, the conditions of the airline apply and there are no compensations for booked flights.